A cocktail of Fire and Ice, Bettie Blackheart, Hellsinki Hellcat, Queen of the Firetassels!

Burlesque performer, producer, instructor , visual artist.

Bettie Blackheart is a keyfigure in The Finnish Burlesque scene. With a handful of friends they started it all in the land of Santa Claus in 2007. In 2008 the first Helsinki Burlesque Festival was celebrated. Since then a lot has happened and she has performed all over the world from Venice via Moscow to New York. She will not bring you just a pretty girl on stage she is a Woman with a W. She has a versatile repertoire from Old School hommages to the Queens of the Golden age as well as wild Neo-Burlesque acts. However she does not want to classify her acts in any genre, it is Blackheart style with fast twirls and a killer smile.

**- I do believe in burlesque as a form of art and expression. I think it is pure energy at it´s best. I love when it makes your heart beat with excitement, tears flow or make you scream with laughter. I truly hope I can make my mark in burlesque both as a performer and producer. I want the artists to be appreciated, community embraced, talent to be genuinly celebrated, imagination to be cherished. For me it is about entertaining the audience, not underestimating what they want or understand. Being realistic yet over the moon and embrasing your imagination with only the sky as the limit.- Bettie

2017 in a big celebration, it is the 10th year of The Helsinki Burlesque Festival.

In 2016 Spring she  headlined the Geneva Burlesque Festival, went on a tour in Italy, and twirled her fiery tassels in the Finnish National Opera in Rakes Progress, and opera by Strawinsky. Later in the year she performed at Tiki Oasis in San Diego and many events around Europe and Finland.

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 she was voted to be on the 21st century burlesque Top 10  list for European performers. She had an artist in recidency period in New York from September to end of October in fall 2014 granted by the Finnish New York Cultural Institute..

Bettie has worked with various photographers; Kaylin Idora, Kerttu Malinen, Saara Salmi, Qumma Art, Jirina Alanko, Stacie Joy, Carlos Kella..See More GALLERY

Queen of the Firetassels, sanctioned to the art by the Legend herself, Satan´s Angel, THE Queen of the firetassels.

When not performing she is producing the Annual Helsinki Burlesque Festival and the Finnish Burlesque Gala among others. She is the foundin member and second headmistress of Burleskinstituutti.

Teacher of  workshops of many levels, from beginners to advanced, also private tutoring.

She has an MA degree in visual arts and works  with painting, animation and performance art. She  host art events and does performative guided tours to artexhibitons as Leila Halkeama, her artistic alter ego.

Contact me for

Performance and hosting/ bookings bettieblackheart@gmail.com

Workshops: burleskia@gmail.com

Ota yhteyttä:

Esiintymiskyselyt, juontotyöt yms : bettieblackheart@gmail.com

Työpajat, Pirates Pleasures pöytävaraukset: burleskia@gmail.com


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