Burlesque performer, producer, instructor , visual artist.

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PERFORMER: Bettie is a versatile performer. She does everything from oldschool burlesque via wild neo-burlesque acts to comedic artperformance. She is not just another pretty girl on stage, she is a woman with a big W and will take you on a ride you will not easily forget. She also lights her tassels on fire, as sanctioned by the Legend herself, Satan´s Angel. She was the first in Europe to be sanctioned to be a Queen of The Firetassels. She has taught Fire Queens Mama Ulita in Germany and Lya Lya Bethetskaya in Russia.

In spring 2016 she will be twirling her fiery tassels in The Finnish National opera.

She has been chosen among the Top 10 European performers by The 21st century Burlesque in both 2013 and 2014.

Together with her spouse Frank Doggenstein they perform also as a duo and also travel around the world to find and bring the best of the best in burlesque to the stage of Helsinki Burlesque Festival.

She has rocked stages all over the world from Venice to New York  for ex. ( Selected) Tease-O-Rama, San Francisco / Hubba Hubba Revue, Oakland /New York Burlesque Festival /Taboo, Barcelona/ Queen Calavera, Hamburg / Sunday Soiree, Berlin / Stockholm Burlesque Festival in 2010 and 2015 / Micca Club, Rome / Milan Burlesque Awards, Italy/MELT, Stockholm/ The International Burlesque Circus, Utrecht, Netherlands / Cabaret LÍmpropable, Paris /Cirque Bonheur, Paris / Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn / Ladyfest, Tallinn / Moscow / Venice Biennale, Italy / Hootchy Kootchy Club, Sweden / Helldone, Tavastia, Helsinki / SEXhibition, Helsinki/   Virgin Oil, Helsinki / Slipper Room, NYC / Kitty Nights, NYC / Hypergender Burlesque, NYC / Sin on Heels, Wasabassco, NYC / THICK, NYC / Razzmatazz Burlesque Revue, NYC/ Rockin´Revue, Tampere/ Burlesque Expose, Tampere talo/Le Burlesque Club, Paris/ Devil´s Darlings, Munich/Badass Burlesque NY/ Badass Burlesque at Coney Island by the seashore/ D20 Burlesque, NY/ Homo Erectus, Stonewall, NY/ Dead Sexy, NYC/ Prague Burlesque, Prague/ Salon Noir, Leipzig/ Burlesque Fantastio, Porvoo / Savoy Theatre/ and all over Finland from living rooms to biker parties and everything in between.


Bettie Blackheart is the producer and artistic director of The Helsinki Burlesque Festival since 2007. She is a keyfigure in the finnish burlesque scene and is acclaimed as a producer and performer also internationally.  During the last years she has rocked stages from Venice to New York and via Paris to Stockholm. She has been featured in many magazines, radio and tv. Magazines for. ex Finnish ELLE, Avotakka, Helsingin Sanomat, Sheriffi, Helsingin Uutiset, Länsiväylä, Ilona, Regina and many more / Radio for ex; Yle Puhe, Yle X3M, Radio Helsinki, /TV for ex. 10 Uutiset, Strada, Suomi D, Sauma, Min Morgon, 4 tähden illallinen, Parittomat, Hehku, Blogistania…


She teaches  workshops for different levels from bachelorette to 101 act revievs. She taught weekly danceclasses at Himo Club in 2011-15. She was an invited instructor at Burlycon, Seattle in 2014 and guest teacher for Dr. Lucky PHD at the New York School of Burlesque. Together with Kiki Hawaiji they are the founders of the Finnish Burlesque institute BurleskInstituutti.


She has graduated from the Academy of Fine arts and worked as an artist for 2 decades. She has taught art from beginners to highest levels of education, in Academies and Universities. In 2014 she had a grant that gave her an artists recidency period in New York.

In 2013 she was comissioned to paint her own signature room in Sokos Hotel Solo Aleksanteri in Helsinki. You can sleep in Bettie´s Boudoir and imagine you are a showgirl in the 50s.

Despite of painting, drawing and making animatios he also brings on stage crazy and comical artperformances that can be seen in museums and galleries here and there.

Press / Media:

Voted to be among the Top 10 of European performers 2013 and 2014 on the Bonus List for 21st Century Burlesque  .

Bettie and her festival has been featured in many magazines; for ex. Finnish ELLE, Sara, Apu, Seura, Helsingin Sanomat, Vantaan Sanomat, Helsingin Uutiset, Cacao ( MACAO), Sheriff, Sylvi, Ilta-Sanomat, Ilta-Lehti, Voima, NHL, Baseler Zeitung and Regina to mention a few. Tv and Radio Yle Puhe, Radio Nrj, Helsingin Sanomat, Radio Suomi,


-Bettie Blackheart on suomalaisen burleskin keskeisiä hahmoja ja on Helsinki Burlesque Festivaalin tuottaja ja taiteellinen johtaja. Hän nauttii tuottajana sekä esiintyjänä arvostusta myös kansainvälisillä markkinoilla. Hän on noussut lavoille New Yorkista Venetsian kautta Moskovaan.

Tuottamisen lisäksi hän kantaa burleskilegenda Satan´s Angelilta saatua  tulisten tasseleiden soihtua eteenpäin. Hän ei tuo lavalle kaunista tyttöstä vaan naisen isolla Nllä ja nappaa mukaansa kiihdytyskaistalle ja matkalle joka ei helposti pyyhkiydy mielestäsi.

Hän opettaa viikottaisia burleskitanssi tunteja sekä burleskin intensiivikursseja ja on Suomen Burleskinstituutin toinen rehtorinna ja perustajajäsen.

Hän on myös kuvataitelija ja hänen töitään on nähty kahden vuosikymmenen ajan niin koti kuin ulkomaillakin. Maalauksen, piirustuksen ja animaation lisäksi hän tekee myös humoristisia  taideperformansseja.

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