Contact me for performance/ interviews/ hosting/ modeling etc. / 040-7445999



Esitykset /  haastattelut / juhlajärjestelyt / juonnot / mallintyöt jne. / 040-7445999

Työpajat / Pöytävaraukset:  +358-40-7445999


Looking forward hearing from You! Toivottavasti kuulen sinusta pian!



One thought on “CONTACT”

  1. I tryed to commet befor but in went lost in webspace. I wanted to tell you that I was in Tampere last night and you were amazing. I loved youre performanses. It made me feel very commfort to live in my own body. That says something, for I am over 40 years old and I have been so shamed of my body.
    Any way you were amazing, pure perfection.

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